The Vegmead remodel is coming

It’s the end of an incredible year for Vegmead and while we’re taking time to reflect on the events of the last 12 months, we’re also looking ahead to 2017.

The summer of 2016 saw the garden threatened with removal and the formation of Vegmead Community Group to campaign for it to remain in Hedgemead Park and to plan for a productive future. The strength of feeling from the surrounding community meant that we received nearly eighty messages of support. We featured several times in the Bath Chronicle and in an ITV South West television report. On 15th September we received news that the Council had changed their mind and that Vegmead was remaining in Hedgemead Park. It was a very intense seven weeks and all of us went on a steep learning curve.

The months since have seen us out and about meeting other food growers in Bath and making connections across the city and beyond. We’re now ready to apply for funding so we can increase the number of volunteers we can accommodate. We’re desperately in need of garden tools (we have a few old rusty implements). If you have any garden tools that need a new home please email us at We’ll give them a wonderful second life!

Now that 2017 is upon us we’re ready to undertake an extensive remodel of the site. After 5 years Vegmead is in need of a refresh and January will see us re-shaping the beds and paths. We’ll also be asking local people what they’d like us to grow at Vegmead across the 2017 growing year. We always welcome new volunteers and if you’d like to help out do get in touch via our Facebook page or via email at

Stay in touch with developments via our Facebook page and via our Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Thank you all for your support over 2016 and we look forward to meeting you at Vegmead in the New Year.

Tim, Adam, Oli, Alastair, Beth, Nat, Erica, Tom, Katherine, Jon, Emma, Tom, Joe, Jodie, Helena and Sarah

 Vegmead Community Group


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