Tool Appeal 2017

To kick off the new year, January was devoted to realigning the beds at Vegmead Edible Garden with our new design plan. Not much has changed — it’s still a circle! — but we’ve brought back a little symmetry and valiantly fought back against the impact of 6 years of gravity on the beds. Sadly, we had to bid farewell to a very woody rosemary shrub in the process.

The New Year has brought with it new enthusiastic volunteers, and we couldn’t be more excited! However, this made it all the more clear that despite being full of spirit, Vegmead is severely limited by our lack of tools. Our weekly sessions continue to rely heavily on our more seasoned volunteers bringing their own tools from home.

That of course brings us to our 2017 Tool Appeal!

Each day from Jan 30th to Feb 3rd, we’ll be posting a video call out for donations, on all of our social media platforms, for a specific tool. Keep an eye out on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the website to see if we’re in search of a rake or a ride-on mower!

In all seriousness, Vegmead hopes to continue providing the opportunity for anyone who’s interested in gardening to get their hands dirty and to learn a thing or two about growing and enjoying their own food. In a time where we’re confronted with increasing food insecurity, the continued use of unsustainable farming practices and threats to public green spaces, we hope to play a small role in a much larger movement of local food growing.

To be a part of this community and to create positive learning experiences for volunteers we require the tools  — literal garden tools — to make this happen! Properly equipped with these tools, we hope to offer fun, collaborative learning opportunities to strengthen both our geographic and local food movement communities.

Please help us keep Vegmead thriving so that we might continue learning, teaching and contributing to our communities.

We would be grateful for any donation of tools, whether old or new.



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