Vegmead is a circular edible garden located in Hedgemead Park in the city of Bath.

Vegmead Edible Garden is looked after on behalf of the community by Vegmead Community Group (VCG). VCG is member organisation, entirely run by volunteers that promotes sustainable urban food systems through the creation of meaningful volunteering opportunities for all. By doing so we want to share our learning whilst embracing the knowledge and skills that others bring. We are an open, positive and friendly group and we want to share our love of gardening, volunteering and organic food growing with as many people as possible.

We, as a group, began life in August 2016 when we became a constituted community group. This came about in response to a decision by the Parks Dept to remove Vegmead from its current location. You can read more about this on the Save Vegmead page.

Vegmead as a food growing space has been in existance since 2011 although the circular plot has been there for over 100 years. You can read more on the Our History page.


Our three key aims are:

  • To grow organic fruit & vegetables for use by our local community and visitors to Hedgemead Park
  • To encourage community engagement with the space through creation and promotion of volunteering opportunities and events
  • To work in partnership with other groups and organisations in Bath to foster a collaborative approach to challenging an unsustainable industrialised food systememail-sig