Save Vegmead Campaign 2016


In July 2016 Bath  and North East Somerset Council decided that Vegmead should be removed from it’s current location. The exact reasons were initially unclear but members of Vegmead Community Group (VCG) were informed that the Parks Dept didn’t believe that vegetable growing was a suitable activity in such as visible position within a heritage park.  VCG were  offered the opportunity to move the site to Kensington Meadows but we believed this would dislocate the community investment in the site and hide us away.

We received overwhelming levels of support for our campaign to remain in Hedgemead Park. Local residents, community groups and food growing collectives backed our call to the Council to reconsider this decision. In order to capture the voices of local people who love visiting Vegmead we set up this page. Many local people and supporteres told us why they  love Vegmead and these formed a powerful collective voice. Our campaign was featured in the pages of the Bath Chronicle and the Bath Echo. We also appeared on ITV local news.

We attended a Council meeting on 15th September and heard the Council Leader, Tim Warren confirm that we would be staying in our current location. We firmly believe that the support we received from the community living around the park was instrumental in the Council reversing it’s earlier decision. For that, we are very grateful.

You can view the testimonials on the Voices of Support page

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