Vegmead Edible Garden is located in Hedgemead Park, Bath and is a  community garden. 

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This is so valuable for all those that nurture this garden and those of the community. It promotes a greener existence and a healthy lifestyle. Why spend more of your budget on something that’s not as beneficial and more expensive.


Dear council members, I do hope you will reconsider your decision to relocate the vegmead community project. I regularly visit it with my young grandchildren as I do not have a vegetable garden myself and the children love to see food growing and they are allowed to taste some things which is even more fun. There is something for everyone in Hedgemead park, lovely flowers below the band stand and along the paths, a playground, picnic area , dog walking space, and a place to help people understand where our food comes from, how it grows and cultivate it. Morrison’s would be too far away for us to visit and it would no longer be a local community project for many people. Please could you spend the money on sorting out the shelter area near Guinea lane and remove the hideous fencing, instead of removing something that brings great benefit and pleasure to the residents of this area.
Many thanks for your consideration

Debbie Brewster, London Road, Bath

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