Wild Walcot

We’re working with Avon Wildlife Trust and the Walcot Traders Association to co-design a project which aims to create a wildlife corridor along Walcot Street in Bath. This project is based on Avon Wildlife Trust’s successful ‘My Wild City’ project in Bristol.

The project will involve looking at existing green spaces and scrub land along the street and improving their wildlife value by planting bee friendly flowering plants. The placing of growing boxes on the street and on window ledges is also a possibility.

Wild Walcot is a community based project and is being designed and run in conjunction with residents and businesses on Walcot Street.

To find out more please head to our FAQ page

We ran a very successful co-design evening at The Bell on Walcot on Tuesday 6th June. Residents, local businesses people and representatives from community groups attended and contributed ideas and offers of help.


Do you live or work in Walcot Street?

  • Would you like to get involved in designing a project to improve the wildlife value of Walcot Street and make it more attractive for those who live, work and visit the area?
  • What ideas do you have for creating more green and bee-friendly spaces along the street?
  • Which spaces can be planted up to make them more attractive for shoppers using Walcot Street?

If you have questions/suggestions/feedback  or would like to stay in touch about the projects progress please fill in the form below. You can also engage with the project on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank You.

Adam Jukes, Vegmead Community Group

Adrian Dolan, Walcot Traders Association

Tom Dawson, Tom Dawson Visuals




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